Josette Sullins - godehpThe answer is yes! For 20 plus years, Social Entrepreneur, Josette Sullins has been proving that the body contains the ability to be, live and express enlightenment. Sullins has turned her performance based work in the areas of personal development and addiction, into a backyard science lab creating programs for both profit and non-profit companies.

Her revolutionary, licensed process called dehp® (pronounced deep, which stands for “developed expression of human potential”) is changing people’s lives and gathering clout and recognition in both the therapeutic clinical and high end boutique markets.

It is the personality (or learned experiences) that hold us back. Just like a rose seed contains the entire plant, the body contains the whole person. Circumstances can delay or even stop the whole person from emerging just like they can the plant. “Enlightenment is merely the collection, interaction and expression of the stages of development. Most people get hung up in one stage, never fully realizing the whole sell” said Sullins.

If “Enlightenment” is the ability to collect, interact and express the three stages of development, then Sullins has done just that. She is the founder of a 501(c) 3 and two other companies, you can find her work in high end boutique spas, addiction and wellness facilities. She is currently conducting her first white paper study validating the efficacy of dehp® for veterans with PTSD.

Her passion does not end there. Social justice, social programs, social enlightenment, healing the addict within, and uplifting the largest illegal business in the world – Sex Trafficking – are all part of the action plan. Josette is available to speak and/or present in these different fields.

She is a firm believer that it takes a “village” to make the necessary changes our world needs. By bridging both the nonprofit and for profit sectors through service work and collaboration that need is being met.

If you would like to join Sullins and the go dehp® team in making a difference, contact her at