dēhp® innovation

At go dehp®, we realize potential starts within and is often overlooked by the individual and others.

The acronym for dēhp®, pronounced (“deep”), is licensed, trademarked and stands for Developed Expression of Human Potential.

what is the dēhp® process?

The dēhp® process is a transformative technique that activates the body’s innate intelligence to process life’s memories and experiences. The dēhp® process assists individuals in activating their undeveloped potential by unlocking hidden emotions and experiences that are trapped in the routine and stress of daily life.

The intellectual property aspect of dēhp® is the foundation for the current and future products and services.

marketing strategy

The constant pursuit of non-pharma solutions to manage stress and for individuals to perform at optimum levels is an area of the health and wellness industry that is growing exponentially. Healthcare giants including United Healthcare and Kaiser Permanente have recognized the need to incorporate a multi-dimensional therapeutic processes into the treatment of individuals, allowing for a more developed and sustained recovery.

According to Stanford Research Institute, personal development and stress management are part of an ever expanding global market share worth an estimated $1.9 trillion (Global Spa Summit,2010). dēhp®, LLC, gains market share by utilizing existing resort spa and healthcare organization channels. By working with existing resort spas and healthcare organizations dēhp® therapeutic will continue to grow and distinguish itself as a leader in providing an effective process to help individuals develop their full potential.