dēhp® spa

The vertical milestone product of dēhp® Spa is the dēhp® enrichment spa experience. During the dēhp® process individuals derive insight, and development utilizing the body’s wisdom to unlock its potential. Currently dēhp® has an exclusive contracts with Royal Palm Resorts, Alvadora Spa, and the Spa at Stowe Mountain Lodge. Alvadora Spa is a top luxury spa located in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area and is known for exceeding the expectations of the most discerning clientele.  The Spa at Stowe Mountain Lodge,  located in the Vermont’s Green Mountains, focuses on incorporating the simplicity of nature into all treatment programs.  The dēhp® spa experience is expanding by partnering with luxury spas recognized by Conde Nast’s Top 100 luxury spa rankings.

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Only available at Licensed Elite Resorts and High End Boutique Hotels

unlock pure potential

With the dēhp® spa experience. dēhp® offers the licensed dehp® spa experience to high end boutique hotels and luxury resorts. dēhp®’s licensed technique offers the resort the opportunity to increase their revenue by up to 30%.

offer dēhp® spa at your location

offer dēhp® at your location