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dēhp therapeutic is for clients who have experienced more than the usual unprocessed life events such as trauma, PTSD, addiction, anger and sexual abuse.

The dēhp® process has been designed to scale through Business to Business (B2B) marketing and growth channels The dēhp® therapeutic process model provides in-depth training for healthcare professionals who wish to become certified in the dēhp® technique. Awareness of the benefits of a multidimensional approach to healing the effects of life’s trauma on individuals continues to grow this vertical. We offer ongoing education, webinars, and marketing opportunities for healthcare providers.

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dehp® facility licensing and certification

therapist licensing and certification

Accelerate clients through crisis and speed up the process of their recovery. dehp® is an integrative technique that effectively frees clients of past unprocessed life experiences.

A practitioner trained in the dehp® therapeutic model assists clients in unlocking self-awareness and insight by using their own bodies to process and heal.

dēhp® provides in-depth training for health and wellness professionals to earn certification in the dehp® therapeutic technique. This training includes continuing education, webinars, and ongoing support to ensure exceptional results.

Qualified candidates participate in an intensive practicum to advance their skills.

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dehp facility licensing and certification